INNDUENDO -The Bad Twin- by Saara Lamberg has won the Audience Award 2017.

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On the 1st January, the Facebook page of Cinema Australia sited that thousands of people

had voted and the count was on the way. At 9pm on the 1st January the winner was


The writer director producer and star Saara Lamberg comments:

"I would like to thank everyone that voted for us. It means a lot for me and my team that

our film has been appreciated by the audiences. In my opinion, everyone is a film critic and

everyone's opinion is equally valid. After all, liking or not liking a film is simply a matter of

taste. I am truly honoured that our film has spoken to so many people. Thank you. Now all

we want is to bring it to the rest of the world to see too!"

Innuendo had it's Australian release in October 2017 in Melbourne.

Innuendo is a psychological thriller/ dark comedy about a disturbed twin played by

Lamberg and reviewers have compared Lamberg's arthouse style to the works of David

Lynch, Roman Polanski and Yorgos Lanthimos.

The movie blog writes it is "A very important piece of Aussie cinema". Film Ink called

Innuendo "A true original."

Lamberg, her composer and associate producer Charly Harrison and their tight knit team

are currently in post production of their second feature film Westermarck Effect, that tells a