In Jamaica, before there was ska, rock steady, reggae and dancehall, there was mento. One of the great musical styles of the Caribbean, mento is not only the name of a musical style and a type of band, it is also a song form, a rhythm, and a dance. From its evolution in the ballrooms of the late nineteenth century, through the nightclubs, hotels and festival stages of the twentieth and beyond into the present day, mento music has been an enduring part of Jamaica's cultural landscape.And yet for a century, mento music and its performers have hidden in plain sight. Early in the music's history, its socially aware and often bawdy lyrics spoke to the lives of the people of the countryside and downtown, but they didn't square with the sensibilities of uptown Kingston. In the 1930s, a "polished" version of mento was presented in nightclubs and hotels for tourists. Marketed to capitalize on the popularity of its Trinidadian cousin, Jamaican "calypso" delighted foreign visitors - especially in the 1950s - but it did little to inspire local interest as new musical forms like ska began to emerge. And while mento became a symbol of cultural identity in the years after Jamaican independence in 1962, the contributions of its many players were overshadowed by reggae's international superstars. Despite its persistence and stylistic diversity over the years, it seems mento's only constant has been its invisibility.

For this reason, few truly know about mento's history and its many characters. However, Pimento and Hot Pepper, the first documentary to focus on this music, changes this. Through in-depth interviews with practitioners, critical commentary from experts, and rare archival audio and visual materials, the film tells a new story about old Jamaica. It explores characters like the itinerant street singers Slim and Sam, who gave the people a voice; artists like Lord Flea and Count Lasher, who helped the country's fledgling record industry spread its wings; songs like "Night Food" that generated national controversy and polarized popular opinion; and contemporary bands like Blue Glaze Mento Band and The Jolly Boys that have carried the music's torch into the modern era.

More than just the music of the beaches and countryside, mento is the sound of original Jamaica. It tells a story about her history, people and culture. Pimento and Hot Pepper gives a new voice to this story, one which will inspire music lovers to take a fresh look at a past that's always been there, playing in plain sight.

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This is the story of legendary Kung Fu Warrior Luc Van Tien. He lives in the 19th Century. He's traveling to take part in Mandarin Civil Services Events when he's interrupted upon seeing the attempted capture by thugs of young and beautiful Nguyet Nga. A battle ensues. The thugs are no match for this warrior. Nguyet is saved, temporarily. Luc and Nguyet fall in love. However, the thugs come back with a vengeance, throwing Luc off guard. He is tied up and caged. Nguyet is captured and transcended to the modern world.




In the tradition of Marvel superhero’s A martial artist, trained by the military to become an assassin, begins to question himself after killing someone who didn't deserve to die. He now must face not only his demons, but his former boss and his goons by using a combination of firepower and his martial arts prowess.



INNUENDO Makes its Cannes Premiere

by BWW News Desk

The critically acclaimed Innuendo by the first time director Saara Lamberg has caused a bit of a stir in Cannes, because the director organised nude models for her audience to draw.First the passbyers had the opportunity to draw a model at the Cannes Cinephiles office on the Boulevard de la Croisette and later at the cinema before the opening speeches and the film. 

INNUENDO, shot in Finland and Australia, tells a story of a disillusioned life model with a dark past and vivid imagination. FilmInk compared the film with the works of Lynch, Lanthimos and Polanski and The Movie Blog with the Aussie indie movies of the 70s. The film is represented by the Hollywood Fame award winner James Dudelson of Blairwood entertaiment, who also represented the legendary Picnic At The Hanging Rock and Coca Cola Kid.

"I am going back to to represent more theatrical titles now, I am going to scale back on how many producers I represent. Saara Lamberg is going to be one of the only ones as I believe in her unique talent as a filmmaker." Dudelson says. 

Lamberg is now working on her next film Westermarck Effect, which is likely to cause a stir in itself."The film tells a story of a biological mother and her son falling romantically in love. I'm interested in stories that other people are too scared to tell. Before starting to film Innuendo, an old A-lister director told me I could go to jail for making it. I did my research and found out he was just trying to daunt me and went ahead and made the film anyway. What is cinema if not the place to tell all sorts of stories, challenging, thrilling and unusual." Lamberg says.

The audiences will have one more opportunity to see INNUENDO at the Cannes Cinephiles encore screening: WED 16th at 9am at the Le Studio 13.


INNDUENDO -The Bad Twin- by Saara Lamberg has won the Audience Award 2017.

Cinema Australia is an online space dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian

made films through independent news, reviews, features and interviews.

On the 1st January, the Facebook page of Cinema Australia sited that thousands of people

had voted and the count was on the way. At 9pm on the 1st January the winner was


The writer director producer and star Saara Lamberg comments:

"I would like to thank everyone that voted for us. It means a lot for me and my team that

our film has been appreciated by the audiences. In my opinion, everyone is a film critic and

everyone's opinion is equally valid. After all, liking or not liking a film is simply a matter of

taste. I am truly honoured that our film has spoken to so many people. Thank you. Now all

we want is to bring it to the rest of the world to see too!"

Innuendo had it's Australian release in October 2017 in Melbourne.

Innuendo is a psychological thriller/ dark comedy about a disturbed twin played by

Lamberg and reviewers have compared Lamberg's arthouse style to the works of David

Lynch, Roman Polanski and Yorgos Lanthimos.

The movie blog writes it is "A very important piece of Aussie cinema". Film Ink called

Innuendo "A true original."

Lamberg, her composer and associate producer Charly Harrison and their tight knit team

are currently in post production of their second feature film Westermarck Effect, that tells a